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Welcome to the Brisbane West Branch of the QAGTC. 

You are invited to become involved in supporting Gifted Children by attending, participating or volunteering at our meetings and events.


We host a parent/teacher information session once a term on Monday nights usually from 7:30-8:30 in the Kenmore Library Meeting room 3.  Check the "events" tab for details on these events and booking.  Sign up to have events emailed directly to you so you don't miss out!

Want more than an information session once a term?  Come along and join our team of committed parents and teachers dedicated to providing support and raising awareness for gifted children in our community!  We meet on the second Monday of the month during school terms from 6:30-7:30 in the Kenmore LIbrary meeting room 3.


National Science Week


Each year pre-Covid, West Branch has run a children’s activity during National Science Week. This year, despite lockdown and closures, we can still get plenty of science into our everyday lives at home.

As we are aware, the human population is getting larger and food growing areas are shrinking due to accommodating the increasing population. We know that a healthy body that is well nourished will give us the best chance of a speedy recovery from any disease or treatment. In Queensland, most people have access to healthy foods but we don’t always make the correct choices for a healthy body.

The theme for National Science Week 2021 is “Food: Different by Design” and encourages us to explore the many ways science is developing ways to ensure we have enough nutritious food available for all in a sustainable way. By becoming knowledgeable about the food we need, how it is “grown” (even in small spaces), methods of preserving and preparing foods, avoiding food waste and even packaging and transporting foods, we can conscientiously and responsibly feed ourselves with minimal ecological impact.

Let’s learn about the science of food. Whether you are in Prep or all the way through to Year 10, here are some sites you may like to access which will guide you into activities you can do to make you more aware of the science of food production and the current technological developments in the food industry:

   1., this site is the official National Science Week site and has numerous activities that can easily be done at home. They are graded for Prep through to Year 10.

   2.     Citizen science projects:

             a.     Do you have a macadamia tree growing near you?

             b.     If you go fishing and you enjoy a bit of dissection work:

             c.     Wild Pollinator Count  has the next Citizen Science Count from 14th to 21st November,

   3.      General Citizen Science Projects in Brisbane West:

             a.     The Moggill Creek Catchment Group welcome those interested in studying and preserving the ecology of Moggill Creek

             b. plant a vine to help save the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

If you are always interested in things scientific, you may like to take up this offer from CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine:

Let’s not let Covid deter us in our quest for science knowledge and exploration.


The team at QAGTC West Branch





Check out our competitions from our first season:


We plan to facilitate the following activities:

Support Group Meetings:

Brisbane West Support Group welcomes Parents, Carers and Teachers of gifted children.  Meetings will be held on selected Monday evenings (7:30 – 9:00pm).

These meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss the needs of our gifted children by sharing of knowledge and experiences.  We hold these meetings in one of the following formats:  Support Group (sharing & resourcing), Focus Topic(s) or Guest Speaker(s).

We can also identify topics of interest for future West Branch Events, eg: Children’s Activities, Gifted Family Networking Events, Guest Speakers or Support Group Meetings.

Please be aware that our Support Group meetings are purposed for Parents, Carers & Teachers, do not bring children to these meetings.

Parent Information Nights (PINs):

Our PINs are suitable for interested Parents, Carers & Teachers.  Please note that children cannot be accommodated for at these evenings.

We will be providing an information night each term.

West Branch Committee Meetings:

Our Branch Committee meets once per month immediately before our Support Group meeting.  If you would like to help, join the committee, contribute to or facilitate activities for Parents and Children in the local area please contact us via:  west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au (WEST) 

Attending our Events

Note:  For Registration & the latest details, please check the Events menu to access all events, or scroll down to the News Items at the bottom section of this page to access West Branch events.

Please regard instructions for child free events (ie: Parents, Carers & Teachers only) versus Children's Activities or Gifted Family Networking Events.  At this stage for Children's Activities purposed events our Branch will not be having any 'drop & go'  arrangements.

Please email our West Branch if you need to clarify any instructions.

Email: west [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

Office bearers

President - Leisa Taylor

Vice President - Christina Mitchell

Treasurer - Sue Stevens

Secretary - Melissa Dornhart


Branch events


Man on the moon
Event start
The theme of National Science Week 2019 is Destination Moon. QAGTC-West invites budding science students in Years 3-6, to conduct a real-life science experiment in a real-life science laboratory on the theme of keeping astronauts at a comfortable temperature on the Earth’s Moon. A prize will be awarded to the student with the best graph interpretation. Parents are welcome to observe in the lab.

Early Childhood Panel

Panel discussion
Event start
Brisbane West Branch of the QAGTC invites you to attend an event focused on giftedness in early childhood (8 years and under). Experienced educators will form a panel to review issues related to young gifted children.

Managing Boredom: Increasing Engagement

Children stream wide
Event start
We all recognize the word, the look and the frustration but do we really understand what ‘boredom’ means or know how to respond to the phase “It’s boring!” when expressed by students. Parents, who are concerned about their child receiving adequate academic challenge, may be perceived as an affront by teachers who work hard to provide stimulating lessons for students. Is learning to deal with boredom an expected life skill or does the experience of boredom result in cognitive difficulties, academic underachievement and psychological difficulties?

Drawing with Escher- the art of the impossible!

Art 1
Event start
Come and join QAGTC West Branch for our semester 1 Children’s competition in the area of the Arts. This time we will venture into the world of drawing for a lesson on Escher and his impossible art creations. End the morning by creating your own Escher inspired art piece and the big reveal of the winners of the drawing competition. There are always 2 prizes up for grabs- a judge’s choice and a people’s choice award. The prizes are $25 gift certificates generously donated by the creative gift shop, Presents of Mind.

Topic: Advocating for your child at school?

Children Jumping wide
Event start
Advocating for your child can be a difficult ask for any parent. Knowing what to reasonably expect from a school, knowing how to ask and getting results can be difficult for parents who feel uncomfortable for any number of reasons. This talk will navigate through the school factors that can affect the outcome of your discussions and how best to deal with the fears and phobias at both ends of the conversation.


Cup of tea and chat
Event start
Come Along to our West Branch AGM and join a team of friendly, motivated, and passionate parents and teachers who are committed to supporting gifted children and families in our area.