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Advocacy for Gifted Students

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Join us to find out about effective advocacy for gifted and twice-exceptional students. Michele Juratowitch will be presenting an information session for parents and teachers that highlights the role of advocacy in relation to educational equity.

Michele Juratowitch is Director or Clearing Skies. She has worked with the gifted in all levels and systems of education; provides a range of services, programs, counselling and advocacy, for gifted youth, parents, professionals, institutions and organisations. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study counselling and interventions for the gifted. She often presents at conferences and is a member of educational advisory committees. She writes articles related to the diverse needs of gifted students; wrote Study: The Simple Facts and a series of e-books, collectively titled Raising Bright Sparks; co-authored Make a Twist: Curriculum differentiation for gifted students and the research report, Releasing the Brakes for High-Ability Learners. Michele regularly advocates for gifted students, in various ways, at all levels of education, across different educations systems and institutions.