Brisbane Bayside (Redlands)

Welcome to the Brisbane Bayside (Redlands) Branch of the QAGTC

You are invited to become involved in supporting Gifted Children by attending, participating or volunteering at our meetings and events.


Bayside Committee is having a rest for a while. Please contact the office if you have an enquiries.


Email: office [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

Branch events

Growing Children’s Emotional Intelligence with Melissa Strader

Children jumping
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Young people with well-developed emotional intelligence (EQ) earn higher grades, stay in school for longer and make healthier choices. In fact, emotional intelligence is a greater predictor of a child’s overall success in later years (relationships, career, health, general effectiveness and quality of life) than their IQ (Intelligence Quotient). What that means is that regardless of a child’s IQ, it is crucial for parents and teachers to help children build their emotional intelligence.

Join Melissa as she explains what emotional intelligence is; why we need it and how we get it.