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Definition of Giftedness

Françoys Gagné and Cathie Harrison

​What is Giftedness?

Francoys Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness (DMGT) states that:

  • ‘Giftedness is the possession and use of outstanding natural abilities to a degree that places an individual at least among the top 10% of age peers in one or more of the following ability domains: intellectual, creative, social, perceptual and physical.’
  • ‘Talent is the outstanding mastery of systematically developed abilities called competencies, knowledge and skills in at least one field of human performance which is at least in the top 10% of age peers in that domain.’ 

Dr Cathie Harrison (2003) defines the gifted child as being one:

  • ‘who performs or who has the ability to perform at a level significantly beyond his or her chronologically aged peers and whose unique abilities and characteristics require special provisions and social and emotional support from the family, community and educational context.’


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