Parent night

Annual Dinner

general Meeting
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Somehow it is the end of another year! Please join us for our annual dinner to share the highs and lows of 2023, and just enjoy the company of other parents with gifted/GLD students.

South Branch Year End Get Together

Cup of tea and chat
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QAGTC South celebrating the end of the school year.
Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 5.30pm-8.00pm

Please bring activities along for children if children are coming along.

Event address
Fortune Well Chinese Restaurant
Sunny Park Shopping Centre
342 McCullough St
Sunnybank QLD 4109

2023 celebration is at Fortune Well (Red Chilli Group) Chinese Restaurant.*

*We may change venue if there are significantly large numbers of bookings, but venue will be in the market square/sunnybank plaza area.

Gagne's Model of Giftedness and Talent Development - links to advocacy

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We will explore Gagne's Model of Giftedness and Talent Development Model and discuss how this can be used to support advocacy for gifted children. Articles will be provided, however we suggest that you access the model at the following link in preparation:

Understanding Underachievement - Journal deconstruction

Event start
Join us to delve into some of the research regarding perfectionism, underachievement and mindset with regards to gifted students. We will be looking at two articles with sound methodology and relevant findings. The abstracts and references for the resources are below - if you are able to access them prior to the event, please do. We hope to engage with you in a discussion around the importance of these concepts for gifted children, as we explore the academic literature.


Event start
Join us in learning about perfectionism and gifted students from Michele Juratowitch, Director of Clearing Skies. This is an online event . ZOOM, link to be sent on the day of event.

There are differing views on perfectionism, ranging from a belief espoused by Anna Quindlen that perfectionism is "inevitable for people who are smart and ambitious", through to Tal Ben-Shahar's statement that "failure is a critically important part of any successful life". Parents and Educators tend to see perfectionism as a negative characteristic that must be addressed. Because perfectionism is usually underpinned by anxiety, it can be problematic and restrictive for the gifted. Understanding the forces involved in perfectionism, appreciating the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms and knowing how to support a gifted person develop skills and become talented can be extremely helpful.

Parent Support Group

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Welcome to 2023! We would like to invite you to an informal parent night to meet our committee members and share experiences of parenting and/or teaching gifted or GLD students. All welcome - a light supper will be provided.

Guiding gifted adolescents

Panel discussion
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QAGTC West Committee Members (Michele Juratowitch, Leisa Taylor, Susan Stevens and Melissa Dornhart) will form a panel to share information about supporting gifted adolescents with differing needs, within various contexts. Please register and come along to the QAGTC West meeting to listen to those who have varied experience supporting gifted adolescence.