ZOOM - Conference debrief followed by article discussion

Join us for a debrief of the 2024 QAGTC state conference. Melissa (branch secretary) and Sue (branch treasurer) will provide a run down of key concepts and insights regarding critical thinking for gifted students. This will be followed by an article review regarding the topic of growth mindset.

Growth mindset theory has become popular in the education vernacular. The article below considers the evidence for this theory and presents some alternative ways to view the idea of 'growth'. The author, Dr Scott Barry Kaufman, is a prominent psychologist in the field of human intelligence, creativity and human potential. The questions posed at the end of this article are useful in helping students to consider and develop their own personal growth mindset. Please acccess the article via the link below in preparation for our evening of discussion. We welcome questions and comments from you regarding the content.

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Critical and creative thinking was the topic of the 2024 QAGTC state conference. If you couldn't be there, this is a good opportunity to share in a conversation about the key takeaway messages. Following this, we turn to personal development, which can be overlooked when parenting children with high potential. Join us in a discussion around personal growth while reviewing the evidence for 'growth mindset theory'; we will then consider the application of this to gifted children.

This is a ZOOM event. The link will be sent via email on the day of the event.

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