ZOOM event - Supporting gifted students during their transition back to school

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It has been a most unusual year for us all; however gifted students returning to school after a period of remote learning are experiencing a range of challenges that are related to who they are and how they learn.
How do parents and educators appropriately support gifted students to positively transition from a remote learning environment to a school setting?
How can we ensure that gifted students' learning and psycho-social needs are adequately addressed at this time?
How might adults manage the fluctuating demands of our society's 'new normal' while safeguarding students' emotional well-being and ensuring that opportunities available for gifted students are responsive to their learning needs?

Join us via ZOOM to listen to Michele Juratowitch as she provides some guidance on this topical issue. Please see Michele's bio below. When you register for this FREE event, a ZOOM link will be provided to you via email, an hour before the event.
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Kenmore QLD 4069

Michele is Director of Clearing Skies.  She has experience working with gifted students, their parents, teachers, institutions and organisations, across all education sectors and stages of education. Michele is aware of the characteristics of gifted students and how these influence their health, well-being and learning. She understands the issues that emerged during remote learning and those that impact students' transitions back to school campuses. Michele will share her perspectives about how we can support gifted students, especially during this time.

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This is a free event offered by QAGTC West Branch. Space is strictly limited and only available to confirmed bookings. Please book in via the website.

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