"Growing Children's Emotional Intelligence" - Parent Seminar

Our May Branch meeting will include a parent seminar titled "Growing Childrens Emotional Intelligence".
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Robertson State School - Music Room
Estoril Street
Robertson QLD 4107

The meeting will commence at 7:00pm to run through formalities with Melissa presenting at 7:15pm. The seminar will run for 1.5hours.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Overview of Seminar:-

Growing Children’s Emotional Intelligence


Young people with well-developed emotional intelligence (EQ) earn higher grades, stay in school for longer and make healthier choices. In fact, emotional intelligence is a greater predictor of a child’s overall success in later years (relationships, career, health, general effectiveness and quality of life) than their IQ (Intelligence Quotient). What that means is that regardless of a child’s IQ, it is crucial for parents and teachers to help children build their emotional intelligence.

When children are intellectually gifted it is easy to overestimate their emotional maturity and inadvertently place unrealistic expectations on them. Melissa will discuss some of the most common social and emotional traits of Gifted children, such as perfectionism, sensitivity, anxiety and asynchronous development and share specific, effective communication skills and practical strategies for addressing the parenting challenges associated with these traits.

She is looking forward to discussing the practical ways to nurture the development of emotional intelligence in children.


About Melissa

Melissa is passionate about children and parenting! In fact, it was from her personal desire to parent well that her business, Enjoy Parenting was born. Melissa has over 25 years of experience working with children, teachers and parents and is continuing to learn every day how to become a better parent to her own two children.

Melissa is a registered teacher and an Art Therapist. She is an authorised Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Instructor from Gordon Training International and is Reality Therapy Certified (RTC) from William Glasser Institute of Australia.

Melissa’s ongoing vision is to help parents and teachers build stronger relationships with children based on connection and empathy. For it is only with happier parents that we will have happier children.


This event will be held in the Music Room at Robertson State School.  Parking is available in the back of the school off Estoril Street.  The Music Room is located just inside the school from this car park, on the oval side.


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