QAGTC State Management AGM


Members are advised that the QAGTC AGM (State Management Committee) will be held on Saturday 18th September from 2 - 2.30 pm

The Annual General Meeting of the QAGTC will be held via a ZOOM meeting in order to ensure the safety of our members during this time.



You must log in and register for the event and be a financial member of the association as at 11th September 2021.

Register for the event

The Meeting link will be provided prior to meeting.

Financial members of QAGTC can be nominated for SMC. Nomination Forms must be received by Tuesday 14th September. Email completed nomination form to office [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

If you are unable to attend, financial members are requested to submit their proxy.

Proxies are vital for QAGTC to elect a new committee and continue the work of the association.

A proxy form is available and we ask that you complete and return it if you cannot attend the AGM. Your proxy is important.

Alternatively (and more easily) you can just send an email with the following text to office [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au

As a financial QAGTC member who will not be able to attend the AGM I appoint (name a financial member here) as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the annual general meeting of the Association, to be held on 18th September 2021 or at any adjournment thereof.