An Invitation to Join the QAGTC Online Network Meeting for Parents/Carers of Gifted Children and Adolescents

A new initiative to be piloted in 2022 by the QAGTC is the offering of a monthly online meeting for parents and carers of gifted children and adolescents. The purpose of this group is to provide a support network for parents and carers throughout Queensland, where attendees can discuss common issues or concerns related to nurturing gifted children and adolescents.  While a theme for each meeting will provide a focus for discussion, attendees can also raise issues for discussion.  Due to the confidential nature of issues that may be discussed, the sessions will not be recorded.

The meeting will be held on the third Wednesday of each month from 12pm to 1pm.  The meeting dates and themes for each meeting are recorded below:  

  • Meeting 1 (Wed 19 January) - Transition back to school: Challenges and opportunities
  • Meeting 2 (Wed 16 February) - Understanding the unique needs of gifted learners 
  • Meeting 3 (Wed 16 March) - How to support the perfectionist: What works?
  • Meeting 4 (Wed 20 April) - How to motivate underachiever: Tips and strategies
  • Meeting 5 (Wed 18 May) - Twice exceptionality: How to recognise the gifts too!
  • Meeting 6 (Wed 15 June) - Fostering curiosity and interest development

The parent meetings will be facilitated by Mark E. Oliver, who is a Lecturer in Education at the University of Southern Queensland. Mark was a former school coordinator of Learning Enrichment in schools prior to studying gifted education at the National Center for Research on Gifted Education at the University of Connecticut. Mark is a registered counsellor who specialises in supporting gifted learners and families. 

We are excited to pilot the online parent network meeting during 2022, however please note that this group will not replace face-to-face support provided by local branches (we encourage you to continue your connection with your local branch). We hope that the online network provides parents and carers with the flexibility and opportunity to connect with other parents/carers of gifted learners, and to share common experiences and concerns in a supportive and confidential environment. 

How to access the meeting: To register your interest to attend the parent network meetings, please complete the online registration form by clicking on the link below: 

After you have registered your interest you will be emailed a link and password for the online meetings. Any notes made or resources shared  during the meeting will be emailed to members who have registered to attend the meetings.