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QAGTC South Playfest - Introduction to Robotics with Dr Damien Kee

Computer kids 2
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Technology Education Expert Dr Damien Kee will introduce Robotics building and programming (LEGO robots) to students.

Students (In school Year levels Yr5-Yr12) will work in pairs to program robots to complete various tasks.

Robots will be provided for the session.

Event will be held at Robertson State School 688 Musgrave Road, Robertson, QLD 4109, Wed 15th Feb, 5.00-7.00pm.

Only 20 places available!

QAGTC South Playfest - Additional activities for younger children

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Families attending Dr Kee's Introduction to Robotics workshop may have younger children who are too young to participate in the event.

Please let us know how many children are attending so we can plan for other activities for them.
Activities will be free and will not incur additional charges. Adult supervision will be required.

Carnival of Minds

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QAGTC Gold Coast Branch organises a range of workshops during school terms for gifted and talented children of the Gold Coast. For November 2019, be involved in…………

Carnival of Minds


Man on the moon
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The theme of National Science Week 2019 is Destination Moon. QAGTC-West invites budding science students in Years 3-6, to conduct a real-life science experiment in a real-life science laboratory on the theme of keeping astronauts at a comfortable temperature on the Earth’s Moon. A prize will be awarded to the student with the best graph interpretation. Parents are welcome to observe in the lab.

Drawing with Escher- the art of the impossible!

Art 1
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Come and join QAGTC West Branch for our semester 1 Children’s competition in the area of the Arts. This time we will venture into the world of drawing for a lesson on Escher and his impossible art creations. End the morning by creating your own Escher inspired art piece and the big reveal of the winners of the drawing competition. There are always 2 prizes up for grabs- a judge’s choice and a people’s choice award. The prizes are $25 gift certificates generously donated by the creative gift shop, Presents of Mind.