Join us in learning about perfectionism and gifted students from Michele Juratowitch, Director of Clearing Skies. This is an online event . ZOOM, link to be sent on the day of event.

There are differing views on perfectionism, ranging from a belief espoused by Anna Quindlen that perfectionism is "inevitable for people who are smart and ambitious", through to Tal Ben-Shahar's statement that "failure is a critically important part of any successful life". Parents and Educators tend to see perfectionism as a negative characteristic that must be addressed. Because perfectionism is usually underpinned by anxiety, it can be problematic and restrictive for the gifted. Understanding the forces involved in perfectionism, appreciating the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms and knowing how to support a gifted person develop skills and become talented can be extremely helpful.
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Drawing on a wide range of literature, and observation from her clinical work, Michele Juratowitch will speak about perfectionism.

Michele Juratowitch, Director of Clearing Skies, provides services for gifted children, their parents, teachers, institutions, and organisations. Michele currently provides online counselling and advocacy, consults with, and speaks at schools and conferences. She has provided programs for gifted youth and their parents; professional development; project management; consultation; advocacy; research and resource development. During her work with GERRIC at UNSW, Michele lectured in postgraduate courses, conducted research and delivered programs for parents and students. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the counselling and intervention needs of the gifted. She wrote "Study: The Simple Facts", co-authored the research report, "Releasing the Brakes for High-Ability Learners" and the resource, "Make a Twist: Curriculum differentiation for gifted students."







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