Testing and Assessment for the Gifted Child with Dr. Sheree Cadman

Dr. Sheree Cadman will be presenting to our members about the type of cognitive testing available for gifted or high achieving children, how to understand the results, and what to do with them.
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Gold Coast QLD 4000

What is cognitive testing?

Who can conduct the assessment?

At what age can a child be assessed?

What are the benefits? Is it necessary to have such an assessment?

What does the assessment mean?

What should I do with the results?


These are some of the topics that Dr. Sheree Cadman will be discussing. Dr. Cadman is a Gold Coast based Educational Psychologist who has several years of experience assessing gifted children.


We look forward to connecting with you.


QAGTC is a not-for-profit member-funded volunteer-based association relying on public support. The opinions expressed during this event by presenters and by QAGTC volunteers are those of the individuals concerned and not necessarily of QAGTC. This meeting will not be recorded and will not be shared more widely than with attendees. Parents concerned about confidentiality are invited to register using a pseudonym if they wish.

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