Harnessing AI for Personalized Gifted Education: Opportunities and Considerations [Interactive Workshop and Demonstration]

Please join us for an interactive workshop and demonstration on "Harnessing AI for Personalized Gifted Education: Opportunities and Considerations" featuring presenter Yang'en Xu.
Coffee and Tea will be provided.
Date: 15th May 2024 (Wed)
Time: 5.30-6.30pm
Venue: Robertson State School (Music Room)
Maximum places: 30
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Robertson State School (Music Room), 688 Musgrave Road
Robertson QLD 4109

Discover how AI can revolutionize personalized learning for gifted students in our upcoming QAGTC South session. 

Gain insights into the fundamentals of AI technology and its potential to tailor educational experiences. While exploring the benefits of AI customization, attendees will understand the importance of mitigating risks through input/output guard mechanisms.

Limited hands-on demonstrations will provide valuable techniques for steering AI interactions effectively. Participants are recommended to bring their own devices and mobile hotspots to engage in these interactive segments. Having a Gmail account ready for OAuth purposes is also advised. Due to time constraints, the hands-on segments may be relatively short.

By the end of the session, educators and parents will be equipped with a practical framework to thoughtfully integrate AI as a complementary tool, amplifying learning opportunities for gifted students while critically addressing AI's limitations.

This session strikes a balance between harnessing AI's potential and navigating its responsible use, empowering participants to leverage this transformative technology in nurturing gifted minds.

Additional Information:

  • Coffee and tea will be provided for the event
  • In the interest of eco-friendliness, please bring your own mug if possible (paper cups available)
  • Cost for Financial members: Free
  • Cost for non-Financial members: $2 (to help offset costs)
  • Non-financial member bookings subject to 2-3 day holding period before confirmation

While this is an adult-focused session, well-behaved children who can remain engaged independently are welcome to accompany their parents.

For more information about this event please email south [at] qagtc [dot] org [dot] au (south[at]qagtc[dot]org[dot]au)

About the Presenter:

Yang'en Xu
- Treasurer, QAGTC South
- Head of Department Arts and Technologies, Independent School in Brisbane
- Lead Technical Mentor, MENSA Australia's Cyber Club
- General Committee member, Robocup Junior Queensland

Yang is passionate about using technology to help children fulfill their potential and prepare the next generation for the future. As a classroom teacher, he is keen to share insights on leveraging AI responsibly to create engaging educational experiences, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of gifted learners.

Cost per Financial member
Cost per Non-financial member
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Event is free for Financial members

For non-Financial members, a small fee of $2 helps cover the cost of coffee and tea. Please be prepared to pay via bank transfer when booking is confirmed.
Non-Financial members normally have a hold period of 2-3 days before bookings are confirmed - an email with payment details will be sent out when that happens.

Payment for confirmed bookings need to be made within 3 days of receiving payment details, or the place(s) will be given to the next person on the waitlist.
Please note that cash payment is not accepted for this event.

For more information about this event please email south [at] qagtc.org.au


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