The Queensland Association for Gifted & Talented Children Inc.

We are an open association of people who share a common interest in gifted and talented children.

  • Family Membership - parents of gifted or talented children
  • Individual Membership - people in education and allied fields
  • Institutional Membership - educational institutions - schools, colleges, inservice providers

Leap into an adventure of colour, creativity, and imagination with an interactive workshop from one of Australia’s most enthusiastic and talented authors and illustrators. This is a  fantastic Introduction to Illustration with an emphasis on imagination and creative problem solving.

Our final Parent Guided Study Group for 2015 will consist of two Modules - 'Curriculum Differentiation for Gifted Students' and 'Developing Programs & Provisions for Gifted Students'

Ask an Expert

A: Ideally for the gifted I would want schooling that includes the appropriate mix of ability grouping, acceleration strategies and differentiated extension. We need mental age peers to relate to, not...
A: This could be the most frequently asked question from parents (and teachers too).  Gifted children have high ability and, while there are many definitions and many ways to identify giftedness,...