Gifted 2025: How will we get there?

QAGTC State Conference 2019

Gifted 2025: How will we get there?

Date: 15 and 16 March 2019

Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


Friday 15th March 2019

A Full Day Practical Workshop for Teachers, Counsellors, Educators and Parents

Bronwyn MacLeod, has a Certificate of Gifted Education and a Masters of Education, specialising in Gifted Education, from the University of New South Wales, and has undertaken doctoral studies focusing in Gifted Education and Technology also at the University of New South Wales.

She is the author and co-author of five educational texts on curriculum differentiation and gifted education, the author of Module 5 of the Australian Government’s Gifted and Talented Teaching Package, and has planned, implemented and published school action research projects for Independent Schools of Queensland, Sydney Diocesan Catholic Education, and the Independent Schools of Western Australia. Bronwyn also works with schools and educational authorities in New Zealand, South-East Asia and Africa.

She has taught mixed ability and self-contained gifted classes from K ­ 12 in government and independent schools, as well as gifted courses with UNSW. Bronwyn has been a keynote presenter at many State and National Conferences in Australia, and has presented papers at international conferences. Bronwyn is one of the coordinators of the JASON Project for Australia and New Zealand.

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Saturday 16th March 2019

Keynote Presentations by:

Dr Leonie Kronborg, Monash University

LK Conf19

Dr Leonie Kronborg, is a Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator of Gifted Education in the Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia.  Her research interests include teacher education, talent development, giftedness and gender.  Leonie is a past president of the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted Children, and currently president of the Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented Children in Victoria (AGATEVic). She is Vice President of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, Co-Editor of Gifted and Talented International and on the Editorial Boards of Gifted Child Quarterly, Journal for Advanced Academics, and the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education.  Leonie gained the Monash University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2013.

Dr Susen Smith, University of New South Wales

SS Conf19

Dr Susen Smith is GERRIC Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Gifted and Special Education at the School of Education, University of NSW.  She has three decades of leadership, teaching, and research experience from pre-K to adult education.  Her research and practice interests include: Differentiating curriculum and pedagogy for diverse student needs in multi-disciplinary contexts, Gifted underachievement, Twice-exceptionalities, Social-emotional needs, Academic engagement, Enrichment, and Community-based programs, such as Tournament of Minds and the GERRIC student Sciencia programs.  Susen is on the editorial boards of the Gifted Child Quarterly, International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity, and the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education.  She has been an academic adviser for educational departmental policies and programs for decades in addition to having on-going advisory board membership appointments. Susen created the Model of Dynamic Differentiation (MoDD), provides professional learning across Australia and internationally, and is currently editing the Giftedness & Talent Development in the Asia-Pacific Springer International Handbook.

Tony Ryan, Public Speaker and Education futurist.

Tony Ryan

Tony is an education futurist. In the past two decades, he has directly worked with over 1000 schools, colleges, TAFEs and universities in 10 countries around the world.  He is an ambassador for School Aid Australia, a non-profit organisation that has raised over $5 million in the past fifteen years to support children in disaster-affected regions of the world.  Tony is the author of the Thinkers Keys, The Ripple Effect, Mindlinks, Wrapped In Living and a series of manuals and workbooks that stimulate innovative thinking in classrooms. His latest book is ‘The Next Generation: Preparing Today’s Kids For An Extraordinary Future’.  Tony has recently appeared on mass media throughout Australia, and twice featured on national TV with Channel 7’s ‘The Daily Edition’. His core message is that the future is meant to be a promise rather than a threat to our children.

Details of Program for Saturday 16th March

Keynotes by:

Leonie Kronborg - Providing a Supportive Environment for Gifted and Highly Able Students: Issues to be considered

Susen Smith - Scaffolding underachievers to achieve: Promising practices to promote potential into performance

Tony Ryan - Creating Junior Entrepreneurs


A variety of concurrent sessions throughout the day by Invited Speakers.

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