2019 Conference - Gifted 2025: How will we get there?

The Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children
27th State Conference
Friday 15th March and Saturday 16th March 2019
Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Conference Program 15th March and 16th March available.
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Grey Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101

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Full day workshop with Bronwyn MacLeod for Teachers, Parents and Educators

A Full Day Practical Workshop for Teachers, Counsellors, Educators and Parents

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Keynote by Dr Leonie Kronborg

Teachers of gifted students who are motivated to make a difference: What can be learned from experienced teachers’ teaching and learning experiences?

Keynote by Tony Ryan

Gifted 2025: The Extraordinary Possibilities

Keynote by Dr Susen Smith

Scaffolding underachievers to achieve: Promising practices to promote potential into performance

Concurrent Speakers  
Leonie Kronborg Bronwyn MacLeod    Carol Barnes    Tony Ryan   

Geraldine Townend

Annettte Ryan Michelle Juratowitch    Barry Dean  
Frances Hoyte Susan Stevens

Anthony Stevens

 Mirella Olivier


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Days Members Non-Members
Friday only $264 $319
Saturday only $231 $286
Both days $418 $473

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