Topic: Advocating for your child at school?

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Advocating for your child can be a difficult ask for any parent. Knowing what to reasonably expect from a school, knowing how to ask and getting results can be difficult for parents who feel uncomfortable for any number of reasons. This talk will navigate through the school factors that can affect the outcome of your discussions and how best to deal with the fears and phobias at both ends of the conversation.
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Springfield Lakes State School - Staff Room
63 Springfield Lakes Blvd
Springfield Lakes QLD 4300

Anthony Stevens is the current President of the QAGTC and has been involved with the association for nearly 20 years. Both he and wife, Susan, have been advocating for their gifted children through various schools in different school systems in Brisbane. He is also the Deputy Principal of a school in Brisbane and knows well the various factors that play a part in a school’s ability to cater for students in the normal curriculum. Having been involved with the design and scope of the Strategies and Indicators Document (QAGTC), advocating for gifted children, assisting schools and dealing with system administrators, Anthony has a broad understanding of the cost/benefits of accommodations for the gifted.

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