Gifted Awareness Week - Science Party with Street Science

Back by popular demand - Street Science with Bath Bombs & Beautiful Science.


  • Saturday, 18 March 2017 - 10:30am - 12:00pm


  • Robertson State School - under cover area
    688 Musgrave Road
  • Robertson QLD

Event type: Children's activity

  • Maximum places: 25
  • Suggested age range: 5-14

Our final event to finish off Gifted Awareness Week 2017 is a science party run by Street Science!

The theme is Bath Bombs & Beautiful Science

Every science party kicks off with a 30 minute stage show. This is the same show that made Street Science famous. With Exploding Balloons, Intriguing Demonstrations, Light, Sound and Fire to boot, this is a performance NOT to be missed. Then the hands on workshop to continue the fun.

The 60 minute workshop will be where participants learn the science of Acid/Base reactions whilst making beautiful bath bombs, which can be taken home and used in the bath. Learn why they fizz, manipulate the fragrance and customise your own colours. All attendees get to take home at least one fragrant bath bomb creation!

The recommended age group for this workshop is 7+ .  Younger participants are welcome as long as a parent is able to assist whilst using chemicals.

Cost of event:

  • Member cost: $17.00
  • Non-member cost: $20.00

Payment details:

Payments must be received within 48 hours of booking confirmation. Payment via E.F.T. is preferred - see details on booking confirmation email.

If you have any questions, please email
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